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Close Protection

Close protection, also known as executive protection or bodyguard services, involves highly trained security professionals who provide personalized security for individuals, often high-profile or at-risk clients. These professionals use a combination of physical presence, risk assessment, and security measures to safeguard clients from potential threats, ensuring their safety and peace of mind in various situations.

Security Drivers

Security drivers are trained professionals responsible for ensuring the safe transportation of individuals, assets, or valuable cargo. Their expertise includes defensive driving techniques, route planning, and security protocols to mitigate risks and ensure the security and well-being of their passengers and assets during transit.

Security Risk Consulting

Security risk consulting involves a strategic assessment and management of security risks within an organization or for specific projects. Experienced consultants analyze potential threats, vulnerabilities, and provide expert guidance to develop comprehensive security strategies that protect assets, personnel, and information while minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

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